Systematic Review on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Incidence for Jockeys

Introduction and Background

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) has gained significant attention in recent years due to its association with
repetitive head injuries in sports, particularly in boxing and football leagues. However, there is a critical gap in our
understanding of CTE incidence among jockeys, whose exposure to head trauma differs significantly in nature. This
proposal is requesting your financial assistance in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the evidence base in relation to CTE among jockeys, with the aim of bringing attention to this insufficiently studied domain and advancing the health and welfare of jockeys.

While the existing body of evidence on CTE primarily focuses on sports like football, there is a pressing need to
investigate its prevalence among jockeys. Jockeys face unique challenges and risks related to head injuries, often not prioritised in the broader context of sports-related CTE research. The consequences of CTE for jockeys, including increased risks of depression, dementia, and suicide, could be profound but remain poorly understood


We propose conducting a systematic literature review led by an expert research team to comprehensively assess the existing evidence base regarding CTE incidence among jockeys. This systematic review will serve as the cornerstone for identifying gaps in the literature, thereby highlighting future research opportunities. By doing so, we aim to engage and influence policy and research stakeholders, urging them to invest in further research efforts to expand our knowledge in this critical area.

Strategic Benefits of Conducting a Systematic Review

  1. Addressing a Critical Gap: This systematic review will address a significant knowledge gap in the current
    understanding of CTE in jockeys. 
  2.  Improved Health and Wellbeing: A comprehensive understanding of CTE among jockeys will enable the
    development of targeted preventive measures and support systems. This, in turn, can significantly improve the health and wellbeing of jockeys, potentially reducing the incidence of depression, dementia, and suicide.
  3. Influencing Policy and Research: The evidence generated by this systematic review will empower advocates, policymakers, and researchers to drive meaningful change. By showcasing the need for further research and policy development, we can positively impact the future of jockeys’ health.

Fundraising Goal and Management of Funds

We aim to raise $15,000 AUD to fund the comprehensive systematic review of global literature on CTE incidence among jockeys. The allocated funds will cover research expenses, including expert research assistants, data analysis, and publication costs in a high-impact journal within a Quartile One journal. All financial contributions will be managed through Advancing Communities Australia, a registered not-for-profit health promotion charity, and will be tax deductible..

Project Leadership

The project will be overseen on a volunteer, non-remunerated basis by Dr. Aletha Ward, PhD., MBA., BNur., R.N., FACN., MAPNA., GAICD., an experienced social health policy researcher. Dr. Ward’s expertise in the undertaking research and systematic reviews ensures the project’s quality and integrity. 


Your support for this project will provide a platform for further understanding and response to managing CTE within the racing industry. By addressing the critical knowledge gap surrounding CTE incidence among jockeys, we can pave the way for evidence-based policies and interventions that protect their physical and mental health.

We kindly request your generous contribution to help us reach our funding goal of $15,000 AUD.

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