ACAL Policy Framework

Since the Company has been established, there has been continued work developing new policies. Added to that has been work on a policy Framework document which has been accepted by the Board. The Board has approved the categorization captured in the models below and adopted the following principles underpinning Foundation policy development. • Accessibility – policy documents are available and understandable to stakeholders and audience. • Alignment – policy documents are aligned with ACAL strategy and planning. • Consistency – policy documents are consistent with whole of government and national policy and agreements and compliant with legislation. • Informed – policy documents are informed by research and evidence. • Implementation – policy is communicated and implemented with relevant stakeholders through all stages of development and implementation. Using those principles, ACAL Policy Documents have been built with the following Policy Hierarchy in mind. Policy Hierarchy

Whilst the model may be applied broadly across organizations obviously, each element when constructed becomes the context for the existing organization. The fourth layer in the model may then be translated into the Policy Framework following from which policies are constructed for ACAL and is diagrammatically portrayed below with work still to be completed to fully populate the relevant categories. Policy Framework The Policies making up the framework must now be completed and any procedures attached to a policy also need to be developed. Policies and Procedures have been developed for this titles in orange print.