Building Sustainable, Resilient Communities

ACAL seeks to empower and amplify current and future partnerships in regional Australia to pilot initiatives, consolidate skills and strengthen capacity, to build sustainable, resilient regions.

About Advancing Communities Australia

Advancing Communities Australia Limited (ACAL) is a Not for Profit organisation established to drive economic and social contributions in regional Australia. We provide a platform for leaders to promote change and increase regional resilience in a social enterprise and sustainability context. As a backbone organisation, ACAL will partner with, not compete with, key stakeholders in regional Australia to promote growth and build capacity.

ACAL facilitates education, tools and support to ensure regional leaders can enhance their competitive advantage. Seeking to empower and amplify current and future partnerships in regional Australia to pilot initiatives, consolidate skills and amplify capacity to become a sustainable, resilient region. In addition, ACAL aims to leverage partnerships with the international community to support the organisation’s key mission and strategic vision.

Support Our Charitable Purpose

Advancing Communities Australia (ACA) is a local charity committed to reducing the incidence of non-communicable diseases leading to death such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes. ACA is dedicated to health promotion activities designed to prevent these non-communicable diseases and limit their impact in our region. After only one years operation, we have already started our work in addressing obesity, prostate cancer and mental health issues. Emerging impacts on health such as climate change are also on our agenda but we need your help in supporting change in each of these areas. Go to our donations page on this website. and contribute to making a difference. Donations are tax deductible and will be working to improve health outcomes for all in our region.

Meet our Partners

Community Energy Zone

Are you interested in coming together as a Community to share Energy?  We are looking for organisations, resident, commercial operators to take our model and to form community energy zones across the country.


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Climate Action Nurses

Empowering Australian and the Pacific nurses to drive climate action through education, advocacy,
research and policy

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West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group

The West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group (WMOAG) is a diverse group of key stakeholders from the West Moreton Region who provide high-level advice to strategically address high rates of obesity within the community.

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Youth Advancing Communities Australia (YACA)

This group will look to tackle issues to improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental welfare of communities in Australia, as seen important by young people. YACA representatives will also have the opportunity to become involved in and help to provide insight into the organisation and direction of other ACA projects.


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SYstematic Review on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Incidence for Jockeys

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) has gained significant attention in recent years due to its association with repetitive head injuries in sports, particularly in boxing and football leagues. However, there is a critical gap in our understanding of CTE incidence among jockeys, whose exposure to head trauma differs significantly in nature. This funding campaign will assist in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current evidence base in relation to CTE among jockeys, with the aim of bringing attention to this insufficiently studied domain and advancing the health and welfare of jockeys.


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