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The West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group (WMOAG) is a diverse group of key stakeholders from the West Moreton Region who provide high-level advice to strategically address high rates of obesity within the community.  Utilising a population health and determinants of health framework, the advisory group produces a range of resources and policy advice to reduce health equities relating to food system inequity and non-communicable disease risk.

White Paper

WMOAG proudly presents the white paper: ‘Local Governments Leading the way: Local Government response to obesity in regional and rural Queensland’. This paper provides key recommendations for Local Governments to implement a range of responses to address high rates of obesity, particularly in rural and regional Australia where we experience socio-economic disadvantage.  These recommendations include:


  • Identifying areas of high obesity, food insecurity and socio-economic disadvantage within each Local Government Association (LGA);  
  • LGAs to develop and implement a Public Health Plan; 
  • Prohibit the marketing of unhealthy food and sugar sweetened beverages at sporting events, council property and community functions; and  
  • Enable local governments to utilise planning policies that can address where fast-food chains can be built and the vicinity to key infrastructure such as schools. 
 The white paper is down loadable below:


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West Moreton Health Indicators Report

This report describes the health status of the West Moreton population, identifies important and emerging health issues, and highlights areas of opportunity for innovative public policy and future research. The report has utilised the most recent available data for numerous key health and sociodemographic indicators and health outcomes, including mortality and hospitalisation rates for major diseases, mortality rates and incidence rates for selected cancers, as well as avoidable mortality and potentially preventable hospitalisations.

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Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN Health Needs Assessment (HNA)

The Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN Health Needs Assessment (HNA) identifies the health priorities and opportunities for our region. Bringing together information from the community, local health services and workforce, the PHN has developed a clear picture of how we can help improve the health of people living in our region. This includes programs and services that can provide people with the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Our current 10 community-driven priorities for the region have been identified through a rigorous process of research and consultation, focused around the seven national PHN priority areas: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, aged care, alcohol and other drugs, digital health, health workforce, mental health and population health.

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New Ipswich Planning Scheme

Council is preparing a new planning scheme, Ipswich Plan 2024, to help us plan for our growing city. Once the new planning scheme is adopted by Council it will replace the current 2006 Ipswich Planning Scheme. Public consultation of the draft new planning scheme concluded on 16 July 2023.

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Ride Ipswich

Cycling is a great way to get around. It’s cheaper than driving, causes less pollution and can be quicker for short trips, especially in peak hour. You can also get all the exercise you need each day just by riding your bicycle to the shops, school or work. Ipswich, Queensland’s oldest provincial city, is an alluring blend of heritage charm, metropolitan sophistication and expansive green spaces. With more pathways, bike trails and dedicated mountain bike trails being provided all the time, there has never been a better time to get on your bike. This Cycle Ipswich webpage will help you find a ride that will suit every member of the family.